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Rules of the game

Click a tile, it either blows up, in which case game is over and you can't click any more, or it doesn't, in which case you can keep clicking. There is no "validate" button, because the game is "sudden death." Once you click all the non-bombs, the game instantly declares that you won, and updates high-score, and prevents you from clicking cells. All un-clicked bombs are displayed in blue; clicked bombs in red; safe cells in green.

Pressing "New Game" before any bombs go off will not affect your score.

To validate game logic, or to learn how to play, click "Training Mode" before starting a game. This will show bombs in a highlight color.

To play in 3D, check "3D Mode," which will create additional layers (not necessarily cubic). To see these layers, click "Swap".

You can swap layers by using the Shuffle button, or the S key, or by mousing over the 3D deck of "other" layers, and clicking on one of those layers.

Any letter that looks like (A) is a shortcut key, which you can press on your keyboard instead of clicking.

Pressing the H key will show/hide the help dialog.

Pressing the O key will show/hide the options dialog. Dismiss the options dialog with O, ESC, or ENTER. All of these have the same effect.

Pressing the ESC key will dismiss any Help or Options dialogs.

To cheat, press SHIFT key while clicking, or inspect log for bomb locations. (Show/hide the log by pressing the l key.)

Copyright (c) 2012 Laramie Crocker ( http://LaramieCrocker.com and http://ecBerkeley.org. This project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License. You may read the software license in the project distribution called LICENSE.txt or here: http://www.gnu.org/licenses Source files may be downloaded from ecBerkeley's SourceForge repository.